City Plan Amendments - Public Consultation Underway

City Plan Amendments – Public Consultation Underway

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City Plan is Getting a Makeover!

The latest version of our City Plan is getting a touch up! Gold Coast Council is calling on residents to have their say about the proposed amendments. Some of the pertinent changes will hopefully bring more clarity to contentious issues in the past such as height designations. Height requirements are currently prescriptive according to ‘storeys‘ whereas new changes will be capped using metres. For example, a building may have a 3 storey limit, but the building being 15 metres tall is because no limit is set to storey height (eg. if each storey is 5 metres tall). Now there is clearer governance around this issue. In addition to this, the changes will attempt to collate all height restrictions across the coast to one map.

Chevron Island will now have a height designation of 33 metres in lieu of the previous ‘unlimited’ designation. Phill Whyte, our Senior Planner and Director, has been involved in securing development approval for several towers up to 90 metres in height on the island (click here for one such example) so it will be interesting to see how these taller approved buildings will capitalise on their expansive views and flourish as future developments around them may not reach half of their approved height. 

Getting dense.

Low and Medium residential density zones have also been further divided into three categories for more specific outcomes in better addressing the ‘missing middle’. Currently the residential zones have three density categories: lows, medium, and high density. Its anticipated that the introduction of this fourth will help facilitate a more pragmatic approach to encourage  infill development and allow larger lots to be capitalised on while still ensuring the surrounding amenity and character are retained. City Plan Planning’s Senior Planner and Director Phill Whyte says:

Further detail and focus on the low to medium density zoning allows better specified infill development to happen. Previously council would struggle to justify certain heights or types of buildings if they were too close to residential zoning. So this new zoning category allows a clearer plan for the evolving character of the area.

Why Town Planners still have their place.

The City Plan aims to be as transparent as possible to all; from concerned residents, town planners, property developers and assessing Council officers. Being a legally binding document means that clarity and consistency in its interpretation is paramount. It’s fair to say the understanding of the Town Plan (aka City Plan) is complex and requires the interpretation of numerous maps and overlays in order to make any solid assessment of a site. It is for this reason that the proposed changes will beneficially improve clarity. Nonetheless, it is also for this reason that an expert Town Planner has their place in assisting proposed development applications as they understand and interpret a site’s best outcome opportunity. There is still much subjectivity and understanding of Council processes to apply to any application. Quality Town Planning advice is paramount in working toward achieving a site’s best outcome in accordance with the existing framework of the City Plan.

Your submission deadline.

Residents have one month to respond (in writing) about the changes. Council aims to vote on changes next year. To have your say, pop over to the City of Gold Coast website.

If you’re already wondering about your own site and want to learn more if these changes will affect you, please click HERE !

Broadwater Suburb buzz.

Click here to learn more specifically about the density changes in the northern broadwater suburbs of Labrador and Biggera Waters as we will be detailing what developmental opportunities this entails or you can simply contact us here.

Otherwise, follow the steps clicking HERE and we can take you through the steps ahead to offer you a Formal Site Appraisal at a lower rate for the month of October.

City Plan Planning

City Plan Planning is able to assist and help throughout the preparation of your development application to council or if appropriate, State and Federal departments. We will work side by side with your selected consultants or if required we can recommend some of the best in the business, each being selected within their own area of expertise.