Broadwater Buzz of the Changes driving Development Spike

Broadwater Buzz of the Changes driving Development Spike

Buzzing development predicted
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  • Posted by: Phill Whyte

City Plan changes leading to Boom burbs.

Last week’s tabled amendments at the City of the Gold Coast Council have local residents of the Broadwater suburbs a-buzz. Changes for Biggera Waters, Labrador and Southport West will promote increases in allowable height, density along with a new zone being introduced. Wow!

Phill Whyte, Director of City Plan Planning, who recently sold his own DA site along Brisbane Road is pleased to see the progression of development in such a well-serviced corridor.

The northern suburbs such as Labrador and Biggera Waters extend west to Helensvale via Brisbane Road. This large arterial road heralds massive opportunity for infill development. Attributes such as well established amenity, the transport network, public, social and civil infrastructure in these suburbs are a great platform for the anticipated vision Council are tabling. We saw this vision over ten years ago in our own DA site purchase. What cost us $50,000 or so to have applied over our site through abiding by constraints is now being gifted to the majority of residents with these tabled changes. While this is great for the City and local residents, it does feel slightly bittersweet that the efforts we had to go through in justifying Council’s concerns of height have been entirely embraced by comparison to what our site was held to. I’m excited at the prospect for the current landowners in these areas and I hope we can guide them on a journey as they navigate their way through the growing number of developmental options as they are presented. We personally and professionally understand the process and situation that lies ahead for site owners who seek to take action.

What’s ahead.

The arterial roads that provide high frequency public transport such as Marine Parade and Brisbane Road encourages the development of mixed-use medium to high density residential development. There is likely to be lots of commercial interface with such residential projects. The connection to shopping centres such as Harbour Town through to Westfield Helensvale due to great public transport are ideal selling points to future residents. Amendments of the town plan always keep the growth of the city in focus.

Opportunities abound.

Phill and his team are anticipating many enquiries following these town plan proposals. City Plan Planning’s team are the best advocates for lodging council applications in these areas. All considerations through to financing are possible to explore with email or phone enquiry here. Joint venture opportunities are also an option for those wanting to dilute their risk while pursuing their site’s maximum potential. We can assist with this.

Formal planning appraisal is strongly recommended before any property purchase. This requires a routine turnaround time plus nominal fees.

Our formal property planning appraisals are being offered at great value in consideration of these proposed changes. Click HERE for further enquiry while the deal lasts!

Wondering about your own site? If you are contemplating what is achievable with your property in these suburbs please contact us for our advice for a set fee per site appraisal.

An article about the general proposed City Plan (town plan) changes and more information can be found here.  Or read our own perspective blog on it clicking here.

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