Site Analysis

Establishing the basis of understanding the site and its context, and the resulting constraints and opportunities for development. This analysis will assist in forming the basis for the sites develop-able potential and should be undertaken by anyone prior to purchasing a site or committing to a development application. These can be quick and affordable for additional peace of mind which is why they are well received from potential buyers in understanding the actual or potential fundamental values of any site.

Development Feasibility

Making sure your project is viable involves conducting a number of feasibility studies along the way. Integrating a specific town planning element into the equation will help inform whether your proposed development will be possible or an expensive and time-consuming dream. Confirming the sites suitability and constraints and costs associated with mitigating such while considering the costs associated with securing planning approvals, dealing with the local council, addressing objections from submitters and the potential of drawn out appeals and so forth.

A detailed feasibility that incorporates these elements is an essential exercise.

Development Application & Process Management

Turning your outcome into a reality by liaising with the relevant stakeholders to achieve the development approval in accordance with set budget and time-frames.

Show Cause Notice Responses

We understand the stress associated with receiving demands from Government Departments and the need to have any Show Cause Notice resolved with as little interruption to your business as possible. While Show Cause Notices cover a broad range of matters, we are familiar with the process and will work with you to placate the relevant authority.

If you have received a Show Cause Notice or an Enforcement Notice, we will provide a free no-obligation quote that will outline your preferred course of action including all associated cost and the time frames involved.

Change to Approval Applications

Changing approvals (minor or other) to enhance the value of any approval or to add greater versatility to any existing approval.

Master Planning

Establishing a framework to secure long term planning and development outcomes that will enable value adding opportunities in the future to meet the dynamic nature of market demand. These long term outcomes also allow current and future management to maintain a consistent scope to work with while hedging against planning pitfalls or back zoning occurring given the ongoing expansion and levels of bureaucracy in the development industry.

Project Management

Overseeing the development approval process from concept/ acquisition through to detail design and commencement of construction. Working with construction and development managers to achieve the final outcome.

Green Star Building Certification / Guidance

Providing a unique selling point or simply acting environmentally responsibly, having a certified Green Star building will help you and your project stand out from the crowd.

City Plan Planning

City Plan Planning is able to assist and help throughout the preparation of your development application to council or if appropriate, State and Federal departments. We will work side by side with your selected consultants or if required we can recommend some of the best in the business, each being selected within their own area of expertise.