While there is no limit to the scope of development land uses that can be considered, below is a basic overview of a range of land uses commonly pursued on behalf of clients.
Sweat the workout not the show cause notice

Indoor Recreation (Gym/ Yoga/ F45) ̵...

Gyms… that hardest part about them is supposed to be the workout not the paperwork after receiving an unexpected show cause notice from Council. Noting the practicality of these land uses occurring in underutilized areas such as industrial areas or other unique locations, often they start operating without Council planning approval making them ripe for…

Student Tower Apartments

Student Accommodation

International Education provides the nation with significant economic benefits which flow through the local community. While every development presents unique opportunities and constraints, its the way that City Plan Planning manages these that ensures the most appealing and efficient outcome is assured.

Affordable Housing

With the increasing cost of home ownership across the country, there has been increasing investment in the provision of high quality affordable housing with considerable benefits and incentives for developers on offer. CPP has worked with affordable housing providers to obtain planning approvals on affordable housing projects. Many of these approvals were issued following ongoing relationships with...
City Plan Planning Apartments

Aged Care

As the population ages, there is a growing demand for quality aged care accommodation ranging from independent living units to high care nursing homes. Many LGAs are actively promoting these land uses to better enable their residents to stay longer in their preferred location.
Cityscape of Buildings- City Plan Planning

Multiple Dwellings/Apartments

State Planning Policy and Regional Plans seeks to encourage increased housing densities in and around activity centres and other well connected locations. CPP has been successful in facilitating planning approvals for numerous apartment buildings throughout these key areas as well as on the periphery and the important ‘missing middle’ where large sites that might lack the overarching...
Cityscape Factory


A regions economic success starts with key employment generators such as low, medium and high impact industrial facilities. While these industries undertake the necessary services that cities depend upon, seldom are they desirable in inner city areas with ongoing pressure and bureaucracy being imposed. City Plan Planning can assist the management of all applicable government...
Modern Building

Medical Centres

Whilst providing an essential service to the community, the location of medical centres can often prove a sensitive issue amongst local residents. Progressively these facilities are becoming more versatile with some pursuing 24 hour operation.
City Plan Planning Multiple Dwellings/ Apartments

Medium Density Residential

Residential “infill” or medium density housing is an area where CPP specialise. We have worked on literally hundreds of medium density residential developments. The projects have involved working with numerous architects, buildings designers and Council officers to achieve approvals on projects of varying complexities. Sometimes despite a conflicting zone, a more practical outcome can be achieved for...
City Plan Planning Industrial Building Projects

Office and Retail

The development of office, retail and other commercial uses provides for places of employment and assists in strengthening the local economy of an area. CPP has facilitated numerous office, retail and other commercial developments which include mixed use schemes that combine employment and residential uses. These projects have ranged from multi storey buildings within major activity centres...
City Plan Planning Signages


Working closely with Major Media
Aerial community


Working with Licensed Surveyors, CPP has been involved with both small and large scale residential subdivision throughout Queensland.
City Plan Planning Pool and Resort Complex

Resort Complex/Tourist Attraction

Dynamic functionality and a long term vision is required for developments such as Resort Complexes, theme parks and the like. These long term, large scale facilities require a a specific planning approach to ensure ongoing flexibility in being able to satisfy market appeal and being the first to do so in order to capitalise on...
Shopping Centre


From large scale shopping centres to the corner store, the variety, appeal and its ability for ongoing expansion of each is only limited by its development approval.
City Plan Planning Resort Complex

Short-Term Accommodation

Be it 5 Star or less luxurious, student accommodation, each of these type of rooming options offers a specific service to help service these growing sectors. Tourism and International Education provide the country significant economic benefits which includes local economies. While each present unique opportunities and constraints, its the way that City Plan Planning manages...
Car Exhibit Building


Mass exposure and convenient access should equate to market appeal and sales success for any Showroom operator. However if the approval is fraught with constraining conditions or if the infrastructure charging regime is requiring more money than anticipated the time required to make a profit can blow out by years. City Plan Planning will review...

City Plan Planning

City Plan Planning is able to assist and help throughout the preparation of your development application to council or if appropriate, State and Federal departments. We will work side by side with your selected consultants or if required we can recommend some of the best in the business, each being selected within their own area of expertise.