City Plan Planning

CPP offers bespoke services for each individual client to ensure anticipated outcomes are achieved or surpassed.

We appreciate that ‘not all approvals are created equal’ with some Councils including underlying conditions potentially undermining the value of any approval. At CPP, efficiency and ongoing communication with all stakeholders throughout the process allows approvals to be secured in the most cost effective and timely manner resulting in an approval that offers the most value for all parties.

What Sets Us Apart

City Plan Planning is a boutique yet highly professional town planning consultancy specialised in high density, residential and mixed-use developments. While based on the Gold Coast, our experience extends across all of Queensland. One notable trait is the experience our Gold Coast Town Planner have in high rise towers with past approvals experience including some of the most contentious and bold developments across the State.

Not only do we seek to maximise each sites’ potential, collectively we have literally shaped the Gold Coast Skyline with our past approvals experience helping the City reach its own.

Our breadth of knowledge extends to extractive industry (quarries), subdivisions, marine and tourism related industries and domestic matters such as duplexes, all of which are to maximise each sites potential to capitalise on the economic and fundamental need.

CPP Focuses on communication

The journey of planning process isn’t just about getting to the endpoint approval. Our process often pays dividends in comfort and peace of mind. We have strong focus on communication and maintaining healthy relationships with council planning divisions to ensure the best outcome is for all (and ongoing).

Upfront guidance and preliminary discussions

Our experience knows when to take someone along the journey of application. Some sites are simply not amenable to attempt. We will be upfront and
honest. We have walked the development path many times and appreciate that not all sites are created equal.

City Plan Planning Experience

We have been providing planning advice for more than a decade and with the staff instrumental in securing some of the tallest (landmark) highrises across the State from Townsville to the Gold Coast. We understand unique site attributes to frame appropriate developments to the benefit of the surrounding area. The same applies to less glamorous projects (Industrial/ Subdivisions/ Extractive Industry).

You are paying for good solid planning experience, not simply a ‘company’ to do the job.


“One of the sites was a spread across several high value lots, I realised by rotating the building site floorplan, it rationalised the layout opening up a larger parcel of land that could remain unencumbered and not need to be included in the development. This enabled the lot to remain independent, adding considerable potential re-sale value.”

“We don’t take approvals for granted or simply accept an approval as being the final outcome. Reviewing all facets of the Decision Notice and Infrastructure Charges Notice can lead to considerable savings of tens of thousands -if not hundreds- of thousands of dollars that could have otherwise been overlooked.”

“Thinking laterally and having previous Council experience across Queensland allows us to anticipate the outcomes that Councils are hoping to achieve. This can potentially turn a site’s negative attribute into an asset that can help secure an approval or added value.”

“Council requests can seem unpredictable and unreasonable at times, but with appreciation of context and current Planning Culture & Environment, we have awareness on how to mitigate any angst and confusion. Our intention is to remain open and engaged with Council Planners to ensure we are abreast of any inbound changes to their systems and Governing Laws. Conversely, we pledge an open agenda of communication with our Clients the whole way, even more so when things become complicated.

Having established relationships that also extend into other fields (Architects, Civil & Structural Engineering, Environmental Consultants, Traffic Engineers, Acoustics) results in consistent deliverables and anticipation to changes in policy across many fields. This results in more reliable and expected outcomes for the client.”

City Plan Planning

City Plan Planning is able to assist and help throughout the preparation of your development application to council or if appropriate, State and Federal departments. We will work side by side with your selected consultants or if required we can recommend some of the best in the business, each being selected within their own area of expertise.