Navigate the Development Approval Process in Brisbane or Gold Coast with the Help of Our Development Consultants at City Plan Planning

Even for experienced contractors or property development companies, the development approval process can be a confusing labyrinth. Navigating zoning ordinance, permit approval requirements and other compliance measures isn’t straight forward as it is constantly changing along with relevant legislation . For most g a developers scoring a seamless development approval is difficult,

At City Plan Planning, we take the stress, hassle, and confusion out of the equations. We work as development consultants in Brisbane and across the Gold Coast. Our job is to help our clients usher their projects towards development approval. We allow you to focus on the other aspects of your development project without taking the risk that your project won’t be approved.

Providing the Tailored Services You Need

Every property development is different, which means that every approval is a little different as well. Fortunately for our clients, City Plan Planning is backed by years of experience spanning the entire spectrum of the property development industry. There is no type of development project that we won’t tackle for our clients. Houses; apartment buildings, retail structures; hotels and resorts; student accommodation; affordable housing; nursing homes; medical facilities; industrial projects. We have handled approval processes for projects in each of these categories and many more, always tailoring our services to suit the need of the client and the project at hand. This flexibility makes us an ideal ally for any client working through the development process.

Always, our goal is to take clients into the development approval process knowing that we have a construction-ready outcome in mind. We do not want our clients to have to go through the hassle of application rejections and resubmittals. These false starts can severely delay projects or even trap them in limbo indefinitely, quickly costing unnecessary resources . By helping our clients get it right the first time, City Plan Planning helps ensure successful development projects that retain the vision of the client.

Sit Down with City Plan Planning’s Development Consultants in Gold Coast or Brisbane Today

Working with development consultants on your project approval can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in good hands. Especially if you haven’t dealt with council much in recent times , you might not know what to expect from the approval process. What do you do if the council doesn’t approve your project right away? How can you figure out how to meet council requests and requirements? How do you move through the process quickly and seamlessly, so that you can get started on your new development? And knowing what conditions are reasonable and relevant.

At City Plan Planning, we can work with you to answer these questions and any others that you may have. With a deep understanding of the legislative requirements behind development approvals, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the current city planning culture, we can help you achieve a better result in less time. Contact us today to get started.

City Plan Planning

City Plan Planning is able to assist and help throughout the preparation of your development application to council or if appropriate, State and Federal departments. We will work side by side with your selected consultants or if required we can recommend some of the best in the business, each being selected within their own area of expertise.